ARSO 2018

IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts


Genoa, Italy

Regular Sessions

Robots for Rehabilitation

Ethical and Social Considerations for the Introduction of Human-Centered Technologies at Work - Pauline Maurice, Allienne Ludivine, Adrien Malaisé, Francis Colas, Serena Ivaldi
Co-Designing with Kids an Educational Robot - Cristina Gena, Ilaria Lombardi, Claudio Mattutino, Chiara Vaudano, Valerio Cietto

Human Robot Interaction

An Integrated Approach to Human-Robot-Smart Environment Interaction Interface for Ambient Assisted Living - Ha-Duong Bui, Nak Young Chong

Impact and Societal Challenges

Themes and Research Directions in Privacy-Sensitive Robotics - Matthew Rueben, Alexander Mois Aroyo, Christoph Lutz, Johannes Schmölz, Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel, Andrea Corti, Siddharth Agrawal, William Smart

Interactive Sessions

Industrial robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

Receding Horizon Synthesis and Dynamic Allocation of UAVs to Fight Fires - J. Shaffer, E. Carrillo, H. Xu
Super Twisting Control Algorithm for Velocity Control of Mobile Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Systems - M. Zhang, J. Huang, F. Chen
Towards a Predictive Behavioural Model for Service Robots in Shared Environments - A. Antonucci, D. Fontanelli
Control Method for the Balance Recovery of Indirect Tight Coordination Task Based on Force Sensor - M. Li, R. Guo, F. Zha, F. Chen, J. Huang
Advancing Human-Robot Collaboration through Online Human Inverse Dynamics Estimation - C. Latella, L. Tagliapietra, D. Ferigo, Y. Tirupachuri, F. Nori, D. Pucci
Disruptive Innovation of Disaster Robots - The ImPACT Tough Robotics Challenge - S. Tadokoro
Perceived Effects of Cycle Time in Human-Robot-Interaction - S. Müller-Abdelrazeq, S. Stiehm, M. Haberstroh, F. Hees
Model Reduction Based on Matrix Polynomials - K. Cherifi, H. Kamel

HRI and Social Robotics

Sex differences in expectations and perception of a social robot - G. Beraldo, S. Di Battista, S. Badaloni, E. Menegatti, M. Pivetti
Children and Social Robots: Inventory of Measures for CRI Research - C. De Jong, C. van Straten, J. Peter, R. Kühne, A. Barco
A Framework for Real-Time Physical Human-Robot Interaction Using Hand Gestures - O. Mazhar, S. Ramdani, B. Navarro, R. Passama, A. Cherubini
Needy Robots – Designing Requests for Help Using Insights from Social Psychology - V. Budde, N. Backhaus, S. Wischniewski, P.H. Rosen
“Somebody Help Me, Please?!” Interaction Design Framework for Needy Mobile Service Robots - N. Backhaus, P.H. Rosen, A. Scheidig, H.-M. Gross, S. Wischniewski
Development of Intelligent Behaviors for Social Robots Via User-Friendly and Modular Programming Tools - E. Coronado, F. Mastrogiovanni, G. Venture
Object Affordances by Inferring on the Surroundings - P. Ardon Ramirez, S. Ramamoorthy, K. S. Lohan
CPG-Based Controllers Can Trigger the Emergence of Social Synchrony in Human-Robot Interactions - M. Jouaiti, P. Henaff

Legal and Ethical Regulations, Education and Social Aspects

Challenges and Requirements for Employee Qualification in the Context of Human-Robot-Collaboration - L. M. Daling, S. Schröder, M. Haberstroh, F. Hees
Preliminary Investigation of Moral Expansiveness for Robots - T. Nomura, T. Kanda
The Future of Legal and Ethical Regulations for Autonomous Robotics - H. Xu, J. Borson
A Data Collection of Infants’ Visual, Physical, and Behavioral Reactions to a Small Humanoid Robot - R. Funke, N. T. Fitter, J. de Armendi, N. Bradley, B. Sargent, M. Mataric, B. Smith
Criterion of the rehabilitation process effectiveness on the basis of biomehatronic system ExoLite Rehab™ - A. Yatsun, S. Yatsun
Collaborative robots system in a photography service using Kukanchi - T. Nakai, Y. Nakamura, T. Sasaki, N. Matsuhira
Collaborative Development within a Social Robotic, Multi-Disciplinary Effort: The CARESSES Case Study - R. Menicatti, C. Recchiuto, B. Bruno, R. Zaccaria, A. A. Khaliq, U. Köckemann, F. Pecora, A. Saffiotti, H.-D. Bui, N. Y. Choung, Y. Lim, V. C. Pham, N. T. V. Tuyen, N. Melo, J. Lee, B. Maxime, E. Lagrue, J.-M. Montanier, A. K. Pandey, A. Sgorbissa
Machine Agency in Socio-Technical Systems: A Typology of Autonomous Artificial Agents - S. Zafari, S. T. Koeszegi